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REMONDIS Aqua awarded contract to collect data on water and wastewater networks in Gransee.

Making the most of the advantages of a geographic information system.

Lünen, Lindow-Gransee. REMONDIS Aqua Services GmbH has been awarded a contract by the Trink- und Abwasserverband Lindow-Gransee, Brandenburg, [Drinking Water and Wastewater Association] to collect all data on its local drinking water supply and wastewater disposal networks. REMONDIS Aqua took part in a national tender process and was awarded the contract in January beating six other competitors. The project, which is to run for an estimated four months, is being supported by the German state of Brandenburg and involves collecting the data and transferring it into a modern geographic information system (GIS).

All information on the drinking water supply and wastewater disposal pipes in Lindow-Gransee are being collected from analogously scanned plans as well as from plans with the outdated dxf format and then georeferenced, i.e. their location is defined exactly. The parameters that are being collected and stored in a database are the age, material, dimensions and location of the underground pipes and fixtures. The pipe network includes around 117km of wastewater pipes with corresponding household connections as well as approx. 110km of water pipes and their household connections.

Project leader, Stefan Hamann from REMONDIS Aqua Services GmbH, explained the advantages of having the data centrally stored in a geographic information system: "The advantages for the Trink- und Abwasserverband Lindow-Gransee are that, once the data has been collected in the GIS, all the information concerning drinking water supply and wastewater disposal can, in the future, be centrally managed and stored and can be accessed quickly at any time. As a result, work processes can be optimised and costs reduced."
The project is expected to have been completed in May 2010.





Since its foundation in 1934, REMONDIS AG & Co. KG has become one of the leading international companies within the water and environmental service sectors - based on the solid foundations of a family-run business full of tradition. The company group has more than 500 branches and associated companies in 21 European countries as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Across the world, REMONDIS provides professional services for more than 22 million local inhabitants as well as for thousands of businesses.


REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG is a leading German provider of contracting solutions within industrial water management and has already implemented numerous industrial projects with partners such as MAN, BASF, Henkel, GEA, Saxonia and Deutsche Nickel. Just recently, REMONDIS Aqua has enjoyed increased international expansion with wastewater projects in Spain, Poland, India and Turkey.




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